Blepharoplasty is the eyelid surgery to create a double lid fold or to correct the baggy or sagging tissues around the eyes. The purpose is to have more beautiful and youthful appearance as well as better lid function. Excess skin, muscle, or fat will need to be removed to achieve these aims.

Over time, the upper and lower eyelids may become droopy or baggy because of stretching of the skin, weakening of the muscles, and bulging of fat pockets around the eyes. These condition occur not only double lid fold but also single lid fold, mostly in Asia. Furthermore, the eyebrows may occur in the same way as well.

People who have a single lid fold are not satisfied with their looking because it makes them not look beautiful as they need. Eye bag also affects your appearance, especially facial attractiveness because it makes you look older. In some severe cases, it might even lead to impaired vision.

Incisions are made along the upper lid of the single fold or the natural folds of the drooping skin, so that they are unnoticeable when they heal.
A mild discomfort resulting from swelling, bruising, or tightness may occur after the surgery. However, these signs will alleviate when the wounds heal. Saint Peter Eye Hospital uses laser surgery to do these cosmetic surgeries; hence, it decreases bleeding swelling, bruising and rapid recovery time.
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